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Sunday, April 14, 2013

I am an individual. I am myself.

I am the smiles people give me and the things that make me
laugh. I am the pen in my grip. I am the smooth piano keys
beneath my fingertips and the music in my flesh and bones.
I am passion and I am reason. I am fighting for a cause. I am
love and heartbreak and hope and knowing that of the
seven billion people on this planet, there are still so many
I want to share myself with.
I am skepticism and irritation at misinformation. I am
knowledge, I am fair use of power. I am sunlight in the afternoon
staining old buildings golden hues.
I am the sound of rain outside the window and the smell of it
on the soil. I am warming cold legs in puddled pants
by the heater of my childhood home.
I am my mother’s daughter. I am my sister’s secret protégé.
I am stardust. I am the universe. I am batman.
I am lost, so lost. I’m searching. I am hurting and alone. But
I will be found. I will always be found. I am right here.

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