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Friday, December 11, 2009

Wild Things: I Just Wanted to Say...

Spike Jonze's version of “Where the Wild Things Are” was one of the most adorable, heart-warming movies I’ve seen in a long time. It totally encapsulated the sheer bliss of childhood, while maintaining an underlying air of maturity and insight into more complex, darker aspects of existence. The simplicity of the plot allowed for focus to be drawn to other aspects, and combined with stunning cinematography, rang true to Maurice Sendak's beautifully illustrated original text.

Target audience of the film is unclear; this film is by no means a work created for children, nor is the plot an intricately woven string of stories designed to satisfy an adult mind alone. Rather, it is a unique work of art embodying the little part of everyone that we never truly grow out of.

Wild creatures and unrestrained expression of freedom all through the heart of a little boy (with brilliant casting of boisterous Max Records in this role) create a genuine warm fuzzy feeling. And with an energetic soundtrack by Karen O and Carter Burwell to boot. Truly a fabulous adaptation of a small but significant story deeply embedded within my memory.

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