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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Review - "Ready For This?" Album, Tim Minchin, 2009.

(Because I don't want to start uni work yet.)

Whether you're looking for a laugh, ready to rock, or searching for a soulful song to sing along to, this album will not fail to impress.

Minchin has done it again, his new album replete with intricate piano backing, an array of musical styles, and soaring vocals that have only improved since his last album. While maintaining the high standard of his prior works, Minchin has enhanced his recordings here with vocal harmonies, a four-piece band and string quartet to make this album a thoroughly satisfying musical experience. His comedy is top-notch, with elaborate word-play in Confessions, irony in I Love Jesus and The Good Book, climactic rhythm in the beat-poem Storm (whose resolution leaves a listener in momentary awe), and the often socially-aware silliness of Confessions and Youtube Lament; making this the must-have musical comedy album of 2009.

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