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Friday, May 7, 2010

Time with Tim Minchin: the Transcript

I certainly think it's time to put this up, and I suspect ninety per cent of you folks who read this do too. The other ten per cent are probably getting quite sick of him being the topic of so many blogs, but at least it's got me writing more frequently. I thank all of you for your patience.

Prompted by patient reminders from the ever-lovely Jacqui, who conducted the interview with me and did half the related work, I'm getting my prosterior into gear and putting the transcript up (it will also be on Jacqui's, so click her name to have a look). Before I do so, I'd like to direct you to my former post here, containing a photo of the full page feature article I wrote of the interview for my uni magazine, Farrago, which was published earlier in April. Farrago magazine have just launched their new website. They've still got a few things to tweak, but there's already some great content on there, as well as artsy pictures, and alluringly big colourful buttons.

As predicted, there's now an e-mag of edition 3 on the site, and you can read it by clicking the link below:
Farrago Edition 3, 2010 e-mag

Tickets for Matilda the Musical, which is discussed below, are now on on sale. You can find out more here.

The interview was conducted on the 15th of February at the Cambridge Cafe in Collingwood, Melbourne, Australia; and went something like this.